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1959, the country raced toward world domination.

It was the first Golden Age of Filipino Cinema and LVN Pictures' "Biyaya ng Lupa" entered the Berlin Film Festival.

Ferdinand Marcos snagged the top spot in the senatorial elections, a foretelling of history to unfold.

And Tiya Dely's classic kundiman, Ilang-ilang tirelessly droned from the radio.

There was an unstoppable wave of transformation and a visionary braved the ride.

A melting pot of cultures, a mishmash of forces plus two machine presses and the Philippines' first independent music and recording company was born.

It was a time of firsts and a date with fate. DYNA MUSIC has arrived.

DYNA MUSIC, behind the reins of Dr. James G. Dy, now recognized as the Musical Godfather of the Philippines, became the home studio of phenomenal artists like Teddy Randazzo, The Platters, Joan Campbell, Connie Francis, Anita Bryant, Paul Anka, The Bee Gees and the Beatles. Delivering only a dynamic standard, DYNA produced the records of legendary local music idols Fred Panopio, Jukebox King of the ‘60s, Pilita Corrales, Asia's Queen of Song, Diomedes Maturan, a celebrated balladeer and Armida Siguion-Reyna, touted as the Queen of Kundiman.

Five dazzling decades later, DYNA continues to challenge the status quo of Philippine music. Under the reign of Howard G. Dy, the New Breed is to thrive. A dictum of the newest melodies, beats, blues, and grooves shall prevail. Through progressive command of production and digital media, DYNA is determined to create Music for the World.